Little Blue Heron (im.) photo by Vera GarloughOrchard Oriole (female) photo by Bob MetzlerFinding Birds at Caddo Lake

in Caddo Parish, Louisiana

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Forster's Tern photo by Bob Metzler    Many species that prefer open water, such as this Forster's Tern (left), are more easily found on the Louisiana side of Caddo Lake.  Earl Williamson Park, on the west side of LA 1, near Oil City, is an excellent place to view this part of the lake.  Williamson Park also has produced an impressive list of migrant passerines, including 20 species of warblers.

Inca Dove, Photo by Bob Metzler.    There are many other locations to explore if you have the time.  Oil City, Louisiana, has had a breeding population of Inca Doves (right) for several years.  Kool Point Marina, west of Oil City, and Pelican Lodge, on the state line, both look out onto James Bayou, on the north side of the lake.  

Neotropic Cormorant photo by Dorothy Metzler    The spillway and Horace Downs Park at the dam, as well as Miller's Bluff Catfish Restaurant near the dam, offer views of the water and have produced a number of interesting birds, including White Ibis, American Avocet, Rusty Blackbird, several shorebird species, swallow species and hawk species, and this Neotropic Cormorant (left).  From LA 1, turn east on LA 169, then north on Crouch Dam Road, and follow the signs.

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