Barred Owl photo Copyright  Diane Jones. Henslow's Sparrow photo Copyright  Tom Walker.Caddo Lake Bird Lists




October 1993 through May 2003 by Dr. James L. Ingold, Ornithologist at LSU Shreveport 

Species seen on annual count (first Saturday of December) 1994-2003

Reporting Caddo Lake Birds


    You can help make the Caddo Lake database and bird list more accurate and complete by sending your Caddo Lake bird sightings to caddobirds(at)  For Texas bird sightings to be published in the monthly newsletter of the Northeast Texas Field Ornithologists (NETFO), as well as in the monthly and quarterly bird report publications of the Texas Ornithological Society and the American Birding Association, you must also send your reports to Peter Barnes [E-mail: peter.barnes(at)], Birding Report Editor for the Northeast Texas region.  Peter Barnes' Bird Alert Reports are sent by E-mail to a mailing list which he maintains.  His monthly Birding Reports are published in the NETFO News.   Information about subscribing to the newsletter is available on the NETFO website at

    If you don't know which birds are common in Northeast Texas and which are not, be sure to consult the NETFO Bird Checklist, available at regular meetings of the Northeast Texas Field Ornithologists.  If you believe you have a truly rare sighting to report, immediately record on paper as many details about the bird as you can.  Then call for possible confirmation by others; try to get a photograph of the bird, if possible, or a recording of any sounds it makes; and create a well-documented written account of your observations.  Bird review committees and other researchers will need this to verify or validate your claim.  For more information on how to write up details to support rare bird sightings, consult the web site of the Texas Bird Records Committee.  Or you can use the Rarity Report Form suggested by the Northeast Texas Field Ornithologists.  Another excellent web site detailing how to document birds can be found at:  Here you can read an essay considered to be the standard on this topic written by Donna Dittmann of Louisiana and Greg Lasley of Texas.

    To report sightings from the Louisiana side of Caddo Lake for publication in the newsletters or magazines of the Shreveport Bird Study Group, the Louisiana Ornithological Society, and the American Birding Association, send them to lsusmus(at)  The Shreveport Bird Study Group also maintains a website ( ) with links to their Checklist of Northwest Louisiana Birds, as well as recent bird reports and recent issues of their newsletter.



Barred Owl photo Copyright 2003-2009 Diane Jones.  Henslow's Sparrow photo Copyright 2003-2009 Tom Walker.
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